Data Offload

Maximising the impact of Data Offload

Providing an outstanding data experience to mobile customers by using location intelligence to provide cost effective service

Data Offload

Mobile operators today are faced with an ever increasing portfolio of solutions for solving data capacity challenges. From LTE roll out and WCDMA macro expansions through to small cells and WiFi hotspots, there are multiple approaches to solving capacity bottlenecks.

A number of industry studies, including our own annual research into mobile data trends, have shown that data usage is often concentrated both in small geographical locations (hotspots) but also in a small number or users. Arieso's most recent study revealed that 40% of the data is consumed by just 1% of the users. Clearly deploying a macro expansion or even a microcell to serve just a handful of users will not deliver the anticipated business returns. By geolocating information from every customer call and data session, and by employing the most powerful and flexible analytical features in the market, ariesoGEO is able to provide unprecedented insight into the precise nature of every data hotspot.

Analyzing the number of unique users and most dominant device over time allows an operator to understand the precise type of data usage available for offload, and select the solution that will deliver the best business returns. For example, providing a WiFi access point to offload traffic predominantly generated by laptop dongles represents a 5X CapEx saving and delivers a better experience to the end customers.

Case Studies

WiFi offload

04 February 2013

Showing how mobile operators can maximize the benefits of WiFi offload

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Smartphones Trump Tablets Recent Trends in extreme data

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